Since the early days of AlSafa Store co. our goal has been to serve our clients with the best quality products and services that fulfil the needs of healthcare providers and home users.
Our portfolio of medical supplies has more than 200 items which ranges from simple consumables to much more complicated devices, covering the categories of bandages, disease control, incontinence, blood-pressure monitors, nebulizers, mobility assistances, supports, sanitary napkins, bathroom scales, hair dryers and straighteners, razors, pedicures and finally makeup sponges.
our products come from many companies we represent from Italy, UK, Jordan, Malaysia and China. We also serve our clients with products from our own brands that are very well established in the market with a very good market share.
Our clients for these items are hospitals (governmental or private), policlinics, pharmacies, medical show-rooms, beauty showrooms, and supermarkets.