Although AlSafa Store Co. for Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a distribution/wholesale company at core, we have continuously growing retail arms that allow us to interact with the public directly, which is a great opportunity for us to get trusted and sure feedback on any product that we like to distribute in the market, our retail are :

Malsa is a brand beauty show rooms sells all the popular and trendy beauty and skin care products at wholesale prices.
Malsa showrooms are usually big (around 500 square meters) to be able to display more than 13000 SKUs of what the popular brands has to offer from hair care, daily care, skin care, intimate care and make up, Our first Malsa branch opened in April 2021, and we have a total of four branches now, all located in Riyadh, and we are planning to expand to other cities very soon.
Clients all over the kingdom can browse our products and order them online at amazing prices through our online store:

The community pharmacy was the seed that all our company grew from back in 1985, and until this day, the pharmacy is what our company is all about. And we strongly believe that as a distributor, we should have our own pharmacies to be able to connect with the public directly and to be able to have a sense of our products’ performance first-hand,The locations of our three branches were carefully selected in Riyadh, with a staff of professional and helpful pharmacists.